Midnight Madness Road Race


    Midnight Madness Road Races   July 9th, 2016   Night Races     

     Registration starts at 2 pm Saturday at City Hall gym at 5th and Clark in  Ames , Iowa and ends at 6:30.


     High School Team competition for male/female is key feature of Midnight Madness along with the prize money

                                                                           for the 10K competition.     


                                                                 The Brown Rabbit can run 47 mph.


               Download a flier to mail in with no fee.    Registration is through Iowa Games to save you money.

Contacts:  Roman Lynch  515-231-9995  or  romanlynch@mchsi.com

                    Wolf Oesterreich   515-232-3285


 Main Sponsor: Fitness Sports.....  try a pair of their shoes

It's always good to walk a mile in some else's shoes.  If you don't like them you will be a mile away and you will have their shoes.   You can't get these shoes in an ordinary store. These are specialty shoes in a specialty store.

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You can learn about how to register by visiting the registration page of the website.

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It's run at night with a 5k, 10k, and 15k. Followed by all the pasta you can eat and throw, a band and a little beer and pop.  Until Midnight 07/09/2016

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